Voluntary Workers & Group Accident

VOLUNTARY WORKERS Insurance will provide cover for volunteers, if they are injured whilst working for the Insured in a voluntary capacity. The policy may also extend to cover an injury sustained whilst travelling to and from place of work.

This policy is deemed an “Accident” insurance policy. The policy will respond if the volunteer sustains an injury as a result of an accident, regardless of whose fault the accident is. Therefore, there is no need to prove negligence in order for the policy to respond.

Generally, a Voluntary Workers Accident policy will provide cover for the following benefits:-

  • Capital Benefits – a lump sum payment (or percentage of a lump sum payment) in the event of the accident causing death or permanent injury.
  • Weekly Benefits – a weekly payment (or percentage of the volunteer’s normal weekly wage) which is paid to the volunteer in the event of an accident causing temporary incapacity. This section of the policy is designed to provide the volunteer with a weekly income until they are well enough to go back to their normal occupation. Generally an excess period of 7 to 14 days will apply to this section of this policy – this means that the volunteer cannot claim for the first 7 or 14 days off work.  The benefit period can range from 26 weeks to 104 weeks depending on how the policy is set up.

The policy may also provide cover for other benefits such as:-

  • Non-Medicare Medical Expenses*;
  • Home Modification Expenses (if the volunteer becomes totally incapacitated and requires modifications to their home to assist with daily living tasks)
  • Domestic Help Benefit (for retired or unemployed persons)
  • Student Tutorial Expenses (for students)
  • Out of Pocket Expenses
  • Transport Expenses

* Special Note – Medical expenses that are recoverable under Private Health Insurance or Medicare are not covered under this policy.

If you engage volunteers we would recommend that you take out Voluntary Workers Accident insurance, in addition to your public liability policy, as the Voluntary Workers Accident policy will respond to pay claims without the need for the volunteer to prove their injury was as a result of the Insured’s negligence (which would be required to lodge a successful claim under a Public Liability policy).

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